Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A New Blog; Yes or Nay?

I don't know about you but reading most of the bride-to-be's blogs is actually quite fun. As long as they don't/didn't write or share anything deemed too intimate that it should be just between them & their future spouses, then I'm totally fine with it. Besides, boleh dapat many info, ideas & boleh buat comparison

But I don't know about anyone who reads my blog

I mean, are my readers (wahhh! Fefeeling retis pulak blog mek ramai readers :P) ok with me writing/sharing/publishing about my engagement & wedding preparation & anything related with it? Idea macam banyak nak tulis & share tapi kadang-kadang takut orang menyampah baca. Nanti malu la kalau orang fikir 'excited betui mek sorang ni' -.-'

Although my intention is to document them for my future reference + if there's anything nak bagitahu A.H but I'm to shy to convey it straight, boleh bagi hints kat sini. Hehe! + as kenang-kenangan pada hari tua, mek tak bolehlah syok sendiri juga

So please, can you spare some of your time to vote whether I should create a new blog for engagement & wedding preparation & stuff or just stick to one blog only? Tqvm!

Update: Poll closed. Tqvm for voting, people! I shall stick to one blog only lah nampaknya. Hehe!
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