Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Engagement & Wedding Journal

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

Mase kecik-kecik dulu, ingat tak era ada buku autograph? And dalam tu kita akan tulis nama penuh, nama panggilan, tarikh & tempat lahir, hobi, cita-cita, makanan & minuman kegemaran, kenangan pahit & manis, ucapan kepada pemilik buku autograph etc. Sometimes kita tampal gambar kita dalam tu

I think that was innocently cute :')

Most of the times, my hobbies would be 'membaca, menulis & mengira'. Yang hobi mengira tu agak poyo di situ. Math was one of my favourite subjects during primary school but when I was in the upper forms i.e Form 4 & 5, things changed. Add Math was one my least favourite subjects, beside Chemistry. Nak tulis benci macam tak sampai hati tapi memang benci tak minat pun -.-'

Motif entri ini sebenarnya nak cakap that I've been wanting to have a proper book or journal to jot down or keep all the things related with my engagement & wedding preparation. Just like what this blogger had for hers recently

 If only I have more time to do all these but I'll try! *rolls up sleeves*

The current one that I have is nothing fancy, malahan ia merupakan diary tahun lepas di mana ada conteng-conteng tentang nama & tarikh kes, Lexis Nexis password, office's wifi password & sebagainya. Asal boleh je mek ni tapi rasa macam lebih kemas if type di MS Words. Ni la masalahnya orang yang ada OCD tapi too bad handwriting mek is too hazabbb artistic. Tak pe la, mek redha T_T

Plus, working 8.30 a.m-5.30 p.m 5 days a week doesn't always allow me to do all that creative things at nights or during weekends. By the time I reach home from work, I'm like an energy drained cookie monster already. And for a person who doesn't have that much of creative juice, of course I need to search off for some inspiration & idea from the internet which is quite time consuming

But if you ask me, of course I want my engagement & wedding book/journal to look like any of this! *berangan mode: ON*

Tak pun beli wrapping paper yang cantik-cantik sebagai cover. At least mine will look nice. Hehe!

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