Thursday, 1 May 2014

May, Mei, Mai

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

30 days of April 2014 had passed & now let us welcome May! *claps claps* As usual, the highlights of this month will/would be;

  • 01/05, Thursday -- My cousin, Afif Asyraf's akad nikah with his gadis pilihan from Pasir Puteh. Barakallah! May Allah bless your marriage till Jannah with a lot of happy things & barakah & dipermudahkan urusan the spouses dunia & akhirat! Amin..
  • 10/05, Saturday -- The day A.H & I will be engaged. InsyaAllah I pray may everything will turn out as planned & may Allah make things easy for us, our families & everyone involved. Amin...
  • 13/05, Tuesday -- A trip to KL with the Boss to attend a court matter at KL Industrial Court on the next day, 14/05. Can you tell that I'm quite excited this time? Ahem! :P
  • 16/05, Friday -- My friend, Cikgu Dayah's birthday yang juga jatuh pada Hari Guru. Untunggggg sangat celebrate birthday sekali dengan Hari Guru. Double celebration orang kata! Mesti dapat banyak presents!
  • 21/05, Wednesday -- My Sister's 32th birthday. Hurm... can you consider me being Umar's most favourite aunty & my cheeks as his teething tools as my birthday present to you?

And Happy Labour Day to anyone who receives salary slip at the end of the month (like moi) & wishes how you can just stay at home but gaji tetap jalan (like I always feel)! #dilemaseorangpekerjamakangaji

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