Sunday, 4 May 2014

"Hidup Lebih Bermatlamat"

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Last week, while hanging out with Diha at Oldtown White Coffee, Wakaf Che Yeh, among many things that she had asked me was this; 

"Ada beza tak dengan dulu (single) & before tunang?"

I took me a few seconds to digest the question because truth be told, I never thought about the differences really

A.H & I were friends for a month & a half before he decided to get serious. It was fast & I have to admit that in the beginning of our relationship, I was a bit confused & terrified. I wasn't convinced & I told him to convince me. And I'm so glad that he did (with flying colours I may add. Hehe!)

Suffice it to say, my feeling towards him got along well with the time. Betullah orang kata, tak kenal maka tak cinta. Ewahh! Almost everyday I get to learn something new about him despite the long distance relationship (LDR) we're in & it's actually pretty exciting. There were also some things about him that I used to misjudge pre our relationship & I still feel bad about it sometimes. If it wasn't because of A.H's effort & patient, I wouldn't have known the real A.H

Berbalik kepada soalan Diha di atas tadi, I can't remember what my exact answer was but Diha had actually helped me to rephrase it yakni;

"Hidup lebih bermatlamat"

Lols! So skema!

But it's true. Knowing that you're preparing yourself to spend your future with someone you trust & love (I've been trying to avoid myself from using this word actually :P), trying to be a better person in all aspects of life (isteri & anak solehah, ibu mithali, mama cat yang penyayang. InsyaAllah! Ok, what else?) planning things together, berangan-angan etc have made my life more bermatlamat & meaningful. Alhamdulillah! All in all, everyday is a happy day. Hehe!

7 days before the engagements & the preparation hasn't 100% completed. Sempat lagi kan? May Allah ease our affairs & make things smooth & as planned, Amin...

P/s: I was terlampau rajin a few weeks ago, so I created & edited these 2 cards using Paint & Picasa. Not that I'm going to print them anyway, just to share them with friends via whatssap sebab senang nak include some details terus. And of course I didn't conceal A.H's full name on the real cards. Hehe!

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