Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I'm A Protective Mama Cat

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Had a dinner date with my friend, Diha at Oldtown White Coffee, Wakaf Che Yeh (bye Mc Donald's!) yesterday evening right after work

We spent more than an hour talk about everything under the Sun; about the good, bad, happy, sad, ourselves, him, her, them etc. It feels so good to see some familiar & most importantly, comfortable faces after long tiring & sometimes stressful hours at the office. Being me, when I laugh, I let it gooo let it gooo out loud. That type of laughter that comes from within. You know, the genuine laughter, not the control fake he-he-he one. Of course I kept it moderate, didn't want to cause both of us get kicked out from the kopitiam. Hehe!

I don't share my precious laughter with simply anyone, anyway. Even A.H hasn't had the privilege yet to hear it. Bahahaha! :P

Diha & yours truly
Teruk angat eye bags kittewww khennn?!

Diha & I weren't that close during our 5 years spent at Sains Pasir Puteh. We were more like 'hi & had some chats' type of friends once upon a time ago but she's always been a nice person & I like her. Our friendship started to blossom after we left school, just because we always went to our friends' kenduri together. Talk about being the minority because berapa kerat je pun from our batch yang stay & work in Kelantan

But I'm glad that she's one of the close friends I'll turn to, not only during lagha sappy times but also when I want to share my bits of happiness. In fact, Diha was the one who accompanied me to fetch A.H at the airport when he was here to meet my family & when A.H paid a visit to my house last March. As for Diha, I think the feeling is mutual as she literally recently appointed me as her Life Advisor, well in some aspects of life it is. Ahemm!

I've many circles of friends but a friend as nice as Diha, I'll ditch anything in the world just to make her happy! And it saddens me when recently there's somebody who made (I hope she's completely ok now) her sad. Don't you dare to mess with her, you! I'm like a fierce Mama cat protecting her kitten from any harm! >:-(

Entry ini macam tak jelas motif dia. Campur-campur tapi semalam makan banyakkkkkkkkk sangat! Diha belanja Dinner Set, Asam Laksa + Iced Lemon Tea + ABC + toasted bread. Dah la for breakfast & lunch dah makan nasik. Amboiii! Nafsu gajah sangat! Balik tu seriously rasa bloated macam dugung. Adeiii! Nasib baik pagi tadi stepped onto the weighing scale & berat masih maintain. Phewww!

Terima kasih Diha. Kita sayang awak bukan sebab atas point belanja makan semata-mata. Hahah! Kita sayang awak ikhlas kerana Allah Taala. Gittew! Next Friday kita pergi Pengkalan Kubur beli chocolates ok? *hugs* Then kita singgah makan mi cambo or satey ikan kat Pantai Seri Tujuh. InsyaAllah! #makansokmo #thingthatmakesushappy #girlsjustwanttoeat #nafsugajahmembawapadah

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