Wednesday, 2 July 2014

From Yellow Flowers To Chandeliers

Assalamualaikum & hi! Happy Ramadhan day 4!

No matter how much I love yellow, I don't think this yellow flower suits my blog. It looked incomplete & suddenly yellow looked too bold for my humble blog. (Padahal memang hobi suka tukar blog template. I don't need to justify myself on this :P)

So, from this ...

... to this! Not that there's any drastic change pun. Duh!

I don't know when I started to develop an interest on pretty chandeliers. I used to google them, just to cuci mata & satisfied my fetish

I think what my Sister told me a few years ago while I was still at Law School was partially right. I should have read something else for my degree. Now it's too late T_T But naah, being a lawyer was my childhood ambition since I was 12. So, I'm on the right profession now

I hope so *kuis-kuis pasir dengan kaki*

Btw, now that the Streamyx at home has been terminated, maybe I shall go back to being a so-called interior designer for my houses at The Sims cities. Thanks to the cheat code, I can always buy expensive furniture & cars although with minimum wage. Mihmih!

Omg! Look what I've just found! 

I want this! And more RAM for my almost 3 year-old laptop T_T

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