Monday, 7 July 2014

Keep Calm & Let's Plan For The Wedding

But first, let me take a selfie let me finish on my Engagement's posts first

Oh, before that, Assalamualaikum & happy Ramadhan day 9! How's your puasa so far?

A.H had asked me last week when I'm going to blog about our Engagement. We're going to be 2 month-engaged in 3 days, takut nanti by the time nak publish, cerita dah basi already. Hehe!

I've been keeping a few drafts but they are incomplete with some pictures missing. And in order to publish a complete post (which usually took me an hour minimum & it was usually done at nights or during weekends), I need to go through all the 3 folders our my Engagement's pictures in my laptop at home. Now that the Wifi connection at home has been mia & sengal (I heard the Sister tak jadi pulak to cancel the Streamyx account), I've no choice but to blog during office hours. Valid tak alasan? :P

As mentioned in this post, the Engagement's stories will be divided into a few separate posts;

  • The Engagement Ceremony
  • The Rings
  • The Dress
  • The DIY Mini Dais
  • The Hantarans
  • The Food, Doorgifts & Such

But I think I'll start with the ring (or should I include A.H's ring as well?) in my next post, InsyaAllah

7 months left to prepare everything & needless to say, we still have a lot of things/preparation remain unsettled; from kursus kahwin tak attend lagi, we haven't decided on the wedding theme & colour, the Father insists to hire a food caterer while the Mother is still keen with her idea of masak-masak sendiri (she has a team of cooking friends who cook delicious awesome food. Don't play-play!) & to the list of guests which I haven't started working on yet


So, shall I warn you that you're going to see this picture again in the near future & read about my wedding lament preparation? Let's hope it's going to be a fun & smooth one! Amin!

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