Thursday, 9 October 2014

Getting Married : Cat-Mengecat

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Our house has been painted with new coats of paints recently, both exterior & interior (first floor only so far) bersempena dengan the wedding in February. InsyaAllah

For the exterior house paint, well........... the Father completely disregarded my choice of colour *cries* Can we skip this part? Because every time I talked about this, my heart felt like it wanted to explode *cries again*

For the interior, the wall was painted white (my ultimate favourite colour! ) & I approved it instantly because nothing can go wrong with white, matter of factly. The first living hall now looks extra spacious & brighter & in some ways have also triggered the Mother's shopping fetish for house decoration. Lol!

The unfinished wall, 20/09/2014

I'll move to the bilik pengantin downstairs soon, leaving behind the current bedroom I've been living in since I was 6. I've a pretty mix feelings about this though #dilemaperpindahanbilik #dilemaseorangwanita but I know I'll get rid of them soon after I transform the room to something that suits my taste & liking *verangan*

Eh, lupa nanti ada roommate! 

Ok, tukar ayat. I'll transform the bilik pengantin that will suit me & A.H's preference. I promise pink & girlish stuff will be limited to the max! Cannot be greedy oneee! Hehe!

Can't wait to deko-deko!

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