Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello November!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

October had kept me busy & before I knew it, it's already November! MasyaAllah

Nothing major is going to happen this month except for extra workload at the office (duh! What else? *yawns*) with a big trial at the Industrial Cout at the end of this month. And I also really need to get some pending wedding preparation done come what may! InsyaAllah

Can't procrastinate dah, last month alone I took 3 days off. Although I still have 7 days of leave left, kalau tak betul-betul desperate & urgent, macam tak best juga amik leave ni (walaupun stress level macam nak pecah kepala). Adakah mek seorang workaholic?

Oh, today is also A.H's first day at O&G department, his 5th posting before he completes his housemanship in July next year, InsyaAllah. His least favourite department katanya for some obvious reasons, including almost no leave at all. You can do it, A.H! Break a leg alright? (but please don't break any baby's bone)

May November be a blissful & productive month for everyone! Amin!

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