Monday, 30 March 2015

Keluh Kesah On Kad Jemputan

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I usually had many drafts waiting to be published in my Blogger Dashboard but nowadays, I almost have none! I don't know whether it's a good thing or not but it actually shows that work at the office has restrained me from blogging. Or perhaps, I've been restraining myself to write sebab kalau write pun banyak berkisar kepada cerita selepas berumahtangga. I don't want to bore anyone, so I'll keep it as minimum as I can. I promise :P

Found this draft that  I wrote a few days/weeks before my Wedding day in February

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Gigih mek cop sendiri all the envelopes

Remember my keluh kesah on kad jemputan tak cukup?

We bought 500 pieces of kad jemputan kosong before I sent it for the printing. The initial plan was that we would invite lesser guests (smaller in number) compared to my Sister's Majlis back in 2008

But yes, it didn't happen. Lols!

I don't blame anyone though. I mean, even I myself belong to a few circles of friends already; from childhood, secondary school, Penang Matriculation College, UiTM Faculty of Law, rakan-rakan peguam yang bijaksana to anyone that I know from blog, Instagram etc. Meanwhile the Parents, of course they have a larger circles of friends compared to mine i.e nisbah umur berkadar langsung dengan bilangan kawan-kawan

A friendly reminder/tip to any bride-to-be who reads this; it's very advisable to provide more invitation cards than the estimated number of guests you have in the list because you tend to miss some people in the list & you tend to bump into someone/some people at any random place who probably has/have known/heard that you're getting married

Imagine the awkwardness & embarrassment of telling them, 'Jemput datang majlis saya 21/02 nanti. Tapi sorry, kad dah habis....'. So malu I tell you, so malu -.- My solution was, I forwarded the invitation card virtually via whatssap but of course, feelingnya haruslah tak sama. Sigh!

And in my humble opinion, not everybody appreciates the wedding invitation via FB unless they're your close friend(s) yang jenis tak kisah even kalau tak dapat card pun

 Created on 18/01/2015

So remember, provide extra invitation cards supaya tidak malu & mengelabah pergi xerox kat kedai atau whatssap di kemudian hari. Lols! Sekian. Wassalam

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