Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Assalamualaikum & hi! Oh hallo to you too, GST!

I went to KB Mall alone on Monday evening right after work to get some stuff. I don't know about others but I'm a type of person who actually enjoys being a lone ranger once in a while. But the -ve side of it is I tend to wander around & spend on unnecessary items, sometimes on thing(s) which was/were totally not even in the shopping list or in my mind

#dilemaseorangwanita -.-'

  • A syok sendiri selfie whilst stuck in the traffic jam. Garang tak muka titewww? :P
  • Had an early dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market. Being so hungry & couldn't decide what to order are a worst combination. Speaking of which, kadang-kadang rasa serba salah nak begitahu A.H or makan sedap-sedap sorang-sorang knowing that he hasn't/hadn't eaten anything from the morning & stuck working in the OT/ward(s). Kesian para doktor bekerja keras dalam kelaparan. Sobs! Apa-apa pun, hidup mesti diteruskan & makanan perlu dihabiskan. This Thursday, InsyaAllah we dine together ok Dr?
  • We just adopted 2 kittens recently (Any suggestion for their names because we keep recycling our cats' names. Boboy, Kitty, Comel & the name repeated -.-') sebagai kawan kepada our male cat, Abam Boboy & my nephew, Umar. Having additional berbulu members means the needs to buy extra cat food & pasir untuk pernyahtinjaan every month. But I don't mind, I take that as a sedekah for them & insyAllah, a little investment for myself too. Hihi! Get fat quick guys & be bff ok, you four? (i.e Abam Boboy, Umar & the 2 kittens)
  • I first started using eyeliner in 2012 & it was during my semester of LL.B at UiTM. It was Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner & had been loyally using it ever since. Tapi hari tu gatal tangan nak try Maybelline Master Drama pulok. Bab mekap ni, memang mek harus akui mek agak noob. Ala-ala Ugly Betty gitteww. Semoga tidak menghampakan & tidak menambahkan drama dalam hidup mek. Jika menghampakan, mek bagi je kat Umar buat conteng-conteng dalam colouring book Upin Ipin dia. Heh!
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