Thursday, 28 May 2015



It had been a sad & difficult weekend for us with the loss of my beloved cousin, Afif Asyraf Yahya, 28 who was involved in a fatal car crash at Kuala Krai on 24/05/2015

Arwah, an ustaz at Tahfiz school wasn't really a football fan but it was fated by Allah swt that his ajal was that way. Arwah & my another cousin, Amiruddin Nawi, 29 were on their way home to K.Bharu after watching FA Cup Final at Bukit Jalil the night before. We were also told that arwah had declined our cousins' offer to stay at their home in Seri Kembangan & insisted to drive home straight away after the match after receiving call/whatssap msg from his wife who had false contraction earlier

What saddens us most is to see his wife's condition who is now expecting their first baby & is due in 3 weeks time. Can't imagine if I were in her shoes. Allahurabbi. Sedihnyaaa :'(

I still can't fathom this. Growing up together, he was more than a cousin to me. From going to the Taski together, playing all sorts of games after school, playing badminton, going to kelas mengaji & tuition classes etc; how could I easily erase all that memories when we shared our childhood together?

May Allah swt grant him jannah, his wife abundance of patience & may their unborn child grow up well & be as soleh as his arwah father. Amin ya rabbal alamin 

5 days have passed & we still can't stop thinking about him. Betul lah orang cakap kan? Orang baik, ramai yang sedih bila dah tak ada. Rest well dear cousin. You're missed by everyone. Al-fatihah

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