Thursday, 2 July 2015

Of 8 Remaining Working Days, Berangan & Studying Archaeology & History

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I've about 8 working days before I leave this firm for good soon, InsyaAllah 

 The feeling? MasyaAllah! I freaking can't wait! WoohoO!

So today's mission is to bring some of my Law statutes & books home. These are only quarter of what I have, I think. The rest are home; stacked & dusted. Anyway, kudos to the publishers who put the effort to make these photo-less statutes & books' covers colourful. At least they look appealing & entertaining to our tired eyes 

Looking at them reminds me to some memories I had at UiTM Faculty of Law from Pre Degree Law, BLS (Hons) to LL.B (Hons), ada manis, ada bitter & ada the combination of both but all of them have made me what I'm today. Alhamdulillah

I owe a lot to my lecturers & friends for making my 5 years of roller coaster journey to becoming an advocate & solicitor a joyful one. Reading law isn't as easy as it seems, I may add but they made mine bearable. You may read my posts tatkala zaman muda at UiTM here

I haven't secured any future job yet, honestly. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had e-mailed my resume to this one firm about 2 weeks ago but until to date, I haven't received any update yet. Thinking about future worries me a bit that I even made a plan to do a part-time job as a cashier at KB Mall, in case I'll still be jobless after some time. Tak pun kita jadi janitor kat hospital A.H will be working at soon. Senang sikit can have lunch date almost everyday! #wishfulthinking #lawdegreegantungkatdindingrumahsajor

I'm thinking about furthering my studies too but this time, instead of studying so hard & chasing for good grade & graduate on time, I really want to do something that I've yearned for many years i.e studying history or archaeology! Egyptian archaeology has my utmost interest!

At one of the Egyptian archaeology sites. Dahaga pulak kita tengok gambar panas macam ni

There are only 3 local universities that offer Archaeology courses in Malaysia;

Meanwhile, most of local universities (including the private ones) offer the History course but the most appealing one is UMK! Dekat je dengan rumah kita plus the Brother-in-law kita pun kerja UMK. Hehe! Attending classes won't be a problem I guess

 Me, in a few years plus tudung & comotness. Lols! Nak gambar yang cantik aje

Bestnya berangan but nanti siapa nak tolong bayarkan tution fee kita? Adakah terpaksa resort to part-time job di KB Mall or janitor juga kelak? -.-'

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