Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Assalamualaikum & Hello Baby Niece!

Please say Assalamualaikum & hi to my baby Niece, everyone!

Maryam Nur Safiyyah Binti Muhamad Anuar
Born on 09/11/2015 at 12.04 a.m at HUSM, Kubang Kerian
 Weigh 2.75 kg, Length 50 cm

The photo above is our first wefie together ♥  taken at 10.48 a.m in Wad Eksekutif HUSM on the day Maryam was born. As you can see, she's pretty much uterus-lagged, so please forgive her for not being (or at least appearing to be) as excited as her Mama Sue ;)

According to my Sister, it was a short yet very painful labour (So, I kinda refuse to know the details of her birth story. Lols!) I remember that on 08/11/2015, I just arrived home from visiting my Sister at HUSM with my Father at 9.45 p.m, received a phone call from my BIL at 10.07 p.m informing me that my Sister is already in the labour room & later received the news on the arrival of my Baby Niece via Whatssap msg from him at 12.08 a.m on 09/11/2015 

Sorry, I just need to put as many details as possible since my Sister no longer keeps her blog updated & my blog is her reference. Kalau boleh nak record/write every single thing. Lols!

Anyway, Maryam had to be warded for her jaundice from 14 to 16/11 recently at HUSM. She's recovering now, Alhamdulillah. My Sister is currently berpantang at our house (or my Parents' to be specific), so I get to see her everyday, beside her Brother, Umar. Hehe!

Had hold Maryam once so far. Tunggu besar sikit then baru berani nak dukung lagi. Now, she's so haluih!

To Maryam, grow up well Little Lady! We are going to have a lot of fun together in the future, InsyaAllah which includes a countless series of wefies. Weeeee! Oh, next time I shall blog about the day you met Umar & your so-called Majlis Bercukur (believe me that there's a reason why I put 'so-called' there. Hehe!). Can't wait for you to besar sikit so that I can agah-agah you & include Umar too! It must be so fun!

My apology that after 16 days, baru sempat nak blog about your arrival. I blame Umar for invading my laptop like 24/7 now with his Upin Ipin, Elmo's World, Didi & Friends etc that I hardly have time to blog. Pheww! And also because I've been so occupied with a lot of work, endlessly T_T Di harap Umar goes to bed awal la nanti (instead at 11 pm plus) so that I have time to blog more about you. InsyaAllah

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