Wednesday, 25 November 2015

DIY Wall Deco For Abam Umar

Assalamualaikum & hello!

As my Sister is currently berpantang at my Parents' house (which is also mine. Lols!), it means that my nephew, Umar is also staying with us! WoohoO! (Don't worry Maryam. Mama Sue love you too but as for now, you just sleep all day long)

If you're following my Instagram, you should have realized that I'm soooooooooooooo obsessed with Umar that I posted photos of him almost everyday. I may be biased because he's my nephew but just look at him! Don't you think he's one cute & adorable little gentleman? (except when he's throwing tantrums. O M G!)

21/11/2015, KB MALL
An outing with A.H & Umar; my 2 favourite boys

I've so much love for this boy that I didn't even have the heart to scold him (I even didn't even think about it honestly) when his diapers (notes the plural) burst & the carpet & comforter pun basahlahhh. Makan & minum banyak sangat Abam Umar ni sampai diapers pun bocor -.-'

Umar's now at the stage where he has his own favourite things & quite obsessed with them. His current favourites are the animal figurines which I bought recently in KL. I wonder what his day would be like if I hide them away. Adakah akan moody the whole day lantas menyebabkan semua orang berasa susah hati & juga panas hati? Lols!

As he's now staying with us 24/7 until my Sister finishes her pantang, we've tried our best to make him feel at home. Actually Umar memang suka tinggal rumah Tok Abah & Tok Ma pun. But did you get what I'm trying to say here? Maknanya we've tried to provide him with anything that will make him more occupied. Maklumlah dengan kehadiran adik baru yang juga will be his new sidekick soon, we utterly don't want him to be left out

I doubt that he did ever feel so. Melimpah ruah kasih sayang mungkin?

Anyway, I always wanted to give the white wall near his 'study table' which is also next to our bedroom door, a makeover. I bought 2 colourful kids' posters last weeks but later on decided that they were too boring for my liking. Searched for diy wall deco on Google 3 days ago before going to the bed & found some things that caught my interest. Showed them to A.H dengan harapan he would do it for me but harapan hanya tinggal impian as he's busy. Lols! Nevermind!

I finally had time to get my hands 'dirty' yesterday evening after returning home from work. Took me about 3 hours & a half to get it done, with some interruptions from Umar in between

Here is the before & after result

This is indeed a cheap & easy diy project which won't cause you much & most importantly, tak mencomotkan lantai. Like mine, I only used black sellotapes (I prefer the ones yang orang guna untuk balut wire elektrik as its adhesive glue tu tak melekat dekat gunting sangat), a pair of scissors, a wild imagination & a lot of love!

Here is a better view of my diy wall deco

I name it as Bandar 'Asal Bolehjaya', in conjunction with my asal boleh idea. Lols! I didn't refer to any photo for reference, I just followed my heart & imagination. Gitteww! Bab toys berselerak di dalam bakul itu, I think moms with active toddlers/kids totally can relate. Hehe!

I uploaded 2 photos above on my Fb & Instagram last night & received a lot of 'Likes' & +ve comments from my friends. Auwww! I'm flattered!

My next project probably will be decorating the white wall in our bedroom. I haven't asked A.H's consent yet sebenarnya. Cane kalau A.H tak suka dengan hasil kerja kita nanti & kemudiannya mogok tido luar?

Oh lupa nak cite Umar's reaction

Can't really tell whether he likes it or not. Should I take his actions of ajak-ing me watching his favourite Youtube videos & tumpang menyibuk once in a while while I was busy beraksi with sellotapes & scissors as a sign of his approval?

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