Sunday, 7 February 2016

Turning A Year Older

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, specifically on 23/01

Whatttt? You're twenty nine years old already?
Yes, I am *shy* Motip betul nak shy. Lols!

One thing about me, although I enjoy wishing people on their birthdays (if you're my family or close friends, I'll usually put some effort to make your birthday special), when it comes to my birthday, I rather prefer mine to go unnoticed & a quiet one

1 day before my birthday, I even deactivated my FB account, so that people won't get the FB birthday notification, telling them to wish me on my wall. Hehe! Nonetheless, I still received some birthday wishes from my family & people who remember my birthday by their heart. Auww!

Now, please allow this belated birthday girl to have her post of fame 

My cousin & I, way back in 1987. I was probably 6 months at that time
Definitely not a pretty baby I was but Alhamdulillah for what I've been today. Lols!

Maybe I should have started investing some money on anti-ageing cream. Or eye-bags cream

Had a surprise birthday celebration at the office on 26/01/2016, celebrating 2 January babies, me & our staff, Farah

Had 1 piece of cake sebab kununnya diet. Kunun only

The older I get, the more in denial I'm about my age. I deem it normal especially when you hit & belong to certain group of age. Lols! On my birthday eve, as I was trying to lull myself to sleep, I couldn't keep myself from pondering on certain things; what I've achieved so far, my Parents, my job etc. Sedih pulak rase, lantas emo seorang diri. Huuu!

My life isn't perfect & probably far from being on par with my other colleagues' but I believe that Allah swt definitely has planned something else for me, InsyaAllah for something better. Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah for all His countless rizq & blessings on me for the past 29 years! Age is just a number they say which I refuse to 100% agree upon that. Have they forgot about getting less fit & wrinkles? 

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