Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pantang Food

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I'm on my 28th day of confinement/pantang today, Alhamdulillah & there is another 13 days left before I would graduate from this Confinement School (although I may add, with not so flying colours. If you know what I mean. Lols!). InsyaAllah.

Tengah hari tadi masa tengah brunch, tiba-tiba rasa nak share my confinement menu. Hence, I'm presenting to you my confinement menu from 6th day on wards, prepared by the Mother with love & approved by my Husband, A.H

Drum rolls please?

Lunch for confinement day 19

Confinement day 21

For breakfast/brunch & dinner, I usually have rice with grilled meat/chicken/fish, vegetable/chicken soup (broccoli, carrot, potato etc, depending on apa ada kat dapur. Lols!), a mug of warm Milo/Horlicks & orange. In between that, I usually have Milo/Horlicks with Jacob's Weetmeal crackers or bread or cereal with milk.

Wahh sis! Kemain sis makan. Pantang ke dok ni?

When it comes to comfinement/pantang, I don't regard myself as a person who follows a strict Malay confinement regime. 41 days of ikan kering with nasi & no kuah; that's definitely not for me. Worst, ada yang tak bagi minum air banyak sebab takut uterus berair *gasps*

I don't believe in restricting myself from having certain groups of food (vegetables & fruits especially) so that I could recover faster when in fact, my body is in a dire need of nutrition post delivery. I cannot tahan makan ikan per se with no serat at all which eventually led to constipation ouchh! Kesian badan kita; dah la lost a lot of blood lepas tu makan makanan yang tak berkhasiat sangat. Nak breastfeed lagi.

Masa pantang, you go all out cutting off some of the protein intakes & all but after habis pantang, all out pulak qadha balik makan apa yang tak boleh makan before + tak exercise. So, what's the point?

Although my confinement food may cringe the strict Malay pantang abiding people, it doesn't mean that I eat whatever I want. Mind you that I still have 2 people keeping their eyes close (literally) on me; my Mother who is 50% strict & my Husband, A.H who is 10% strict (who from time to time supplies me with some forbiden food that I love).

Anyway, different people may have different preference on pantang regime kan? As long as you & your body are fine with it, then why not? And moderation is the key ;)

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