Friday, 2 March 2012

Before & After Project #4

It started with this e-mail,

 Auww, I'm touched :') 

The e-mail sender is Kak Ima, my secondary school senior slash ex-doormate for 3 years slach The Duchess of Mache. Mache is Machang btw, one of the jajahans in Kelantan. Hehe! The last time we met was probably in 2005. That was 7 years ago. Kalau ada anak, dah masuk Darjah 1 dah ni

This fourth Before + After Project took longer to complete as compared to the other previous 3. Both of us; me & the blog owner, Kak Ima were busy holiday-ing. So, there were delays in terms of commnication. Hehe!

For the header, Kak Ima wanted a tiara to go along with her blog's name, The Duchess' Life. The tiara was originally gold in colour but mek edited a bit to ditch out that seriously royal-ish {is there such word?} look. As for the blog theme colour, she requested for something pastel but the background was purposely left untouched for a while since I couldn't find any matching background


 After {Part 1}

In my recent e-mail, I had attached a few other backgrounds for her to choose. And look look, purple & white polkadots background wins this time {again} as seen in the picture below. This is another purple blog after Rayyan's & Haizi's, so should I declare that purple is the new pink now? Hehe!

After {Part 2}

Anyway, this is my last Before + After Project I managed to get my hands on before the new semester begins on this May 5. Walaupun hasil kerja mek tidaklah segah web designers yang lain {with limited editing tools & all}, at least, sepanjang penglibatan mek dalam arena Blogspot ini semenjak 2007, adalah juga perkara berfaedah mek dapat share dengan orang lain. Alhamdulillah

If you wish to do makeover to your blog without any cost involved, perhaps I could lend you some hands? :) Tapi maybe lambat la sikit nak complete, depending on my free time. You can send me e-mail me at & I'll be more than happy to assist, InsyaAllah

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