Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Till We Meet Again Someday

When I arrived home from K.Terengganu 2 days ago, nobody was home. The parents were at the nearby mosque for ceramah agama while the Sister & BIL were at work. I also didn't see any of our 3 cats in sight. The house was so quiet but there's nothing new about it. Having a petite family of 5 is lonesome, I have to admit

Abah then came back home later. After greeting me;

Abah: Adik dah mati.
Sue: Iyeee? *surprised*

Adik or Comel was the youngest kitten amongst 3. The only female, the most manja one & unfortunately, the one with a list of sickness. When Abah conveyed the news to me, I told myself that I didn't want to be sad. I refused to be sad & managed to convince myself that I've had enough of this kind of sad news since I was ... 4 years old? My family has been keeping cats since like forever. I've had countless of heartbreaks, crying my heart out whenever my cats died, sampai ponteng pergi mengaji sebab menangis sorang-sorang tepi rumah. When I was 7, I wrote a letter to our dead cat. Until now, I still keep the pictures of our cats in my hard disk

It's something only a true cat lover would understand

But that night, before going to bed, the tears freely oozed on my cheeks. I missed Adik so bad.  I felt bad that we couldn't save her from her sickness though honestly, we had tried our best. Nak hantar jumpa vet untuk injection, kena tunggu till she reachs 4 months tapi tak sempat

I remember the look in her eyes. I remember her sad meoww in front of my bedroom door, begging me to let her in. I remember how she loved sleeping on my bed or my clothes. I remember how she loved sleeping near me on my bed in the morning. I remember talking to her whenever I was overwhelmed with the uninvited sadness at nights, when my weary brain decided to reminisce those happy memories I used to have. I remember how I loved to hold Adik in my arms, feed her & watch how semangat she munched her cat food. I remember that she liked to come to my room to drink water in the bathroom next to mine. I remember how playful she was before she suffered the sickness

Haih! Emo betullah. Cannot tahan la when it comes to kucin ni :'(

After Kiki died a few days ago, now Adik pula. Sekarang ada 2 ekor je la kucin kat rumah, Boboy & Tommy. Ada tak siapa-siapa area K.Bharu yang nak donate kittens? Female preferably. We used to have 9 cats at home. So, bila ada 2 ekor, rasa lonely sangat

Some pictures of Adik {white furs} & her brother during the first week we adopted her last July

Ma trying to feed her using the bottle

But they preferred this way

She is adorable, isn't she? :')

Rest in peace, Adik. Like the rest of my cats who had left me, you'll be missed dearly. I pray may we meet again, someday! Mama miss you!  

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