Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Another nikmat to be thankful of that I officially turn +1 year older today, at 6:30 am to be specific

Praises be to Allah, Ar-Rahman & Ar-Rahim for His countless blessings, a million of thanks to the Parents and family & friends for the roles played in my life whom I can't imagine living my life without. And also you, who are reading this! Tqvm!

I'm not a big fan of birthdays. I do enjoy wishing my family & friends on their birthdays but when it comes to my own, I usually don't take it seriously. Perhaps, I'm still in so much denial that I'm turning a year older *coughs* & the youth is slowly sailing away from me *coughs*

Nonetheless, I'm still quite overwhelmed with every birthday wishes I receive. I really appreciate the effort & every wishes/prayers anyway, be in any mean conveyed because I believe that it's the thought that counts most :)

When I read back my post which I posted on my birthday last year, I couldn't help but to compare on things & events happened between this time interval. A year ago, I was still struggling with Law School, busy fixing a broken heart, trying to chin up & shine again. And about 365 days later, here I'm a few steps closer to achieve my childhood dream & I'm back at my hometown living with the family after being the budak hostel since I was 13. Alhamdulillah! 

My life isn't perfect, matter of factly. There's always things to improvise, missions to accomplish & hopefully more happiness to embrace, InsyaAllah. Amidst the ups & downs, I shall never stop being grateful for every chapter inserted into my life. Every cloud has a silver lining, Allah is the Greatest Planner & He knows best

Oh, in case you're wondering what I did when the clock striked 12 am last night. Well, I was cycling while watching Suits. Like a bausss!

Akhir kalam,

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