Sunday, 3 February 2013

Of Orange Themed Majlis Bertandang

Assalamualaikum & hello, loves! Apa khabar?

Attended another kenduri yesterday which was the kenduri bertandang of the BIL's cousin, Nik Azuan & his spouse, Ainul Farah at Jalan Sri Cemerlang, K.Bharu

Before going to the kenduri, I had to come to the office in the morning as we're expecting our client to come & sign the S&P agreement. Turned out later that they had a little doubt on their loan application & decided that it's best if they don't sign it yet. Macam tak berbaloi datang office, waited for them for an hour & a half & balik macam tu je. Client is always right but masak la kalau ada ramai clients macam ni. Tsk! And nasib baik tempat kenduri just a min drive from my office

A reminder to myself in the future; jangan lah nak susah-susahkan orang bila deal hal-hal macam ni. It's a win-win situation; tolonglah tolong-menolong sesama kita

Anyway, terubat hatiku dapat pergi kenduri. Terima kasih kenduri & orang-orang yang awesome

The theme was orange, so I orange-ized  myself

I initially wanted to wear a pair of my orange baju kurung but I didn't know where it's hiding. Hence, wearing my Sister's old baju kebarung. I paired it with a checkered orange, yellow & white shawl which I bought at the weekly bazaar at Dataran Cendekia, UiTM S.Alam, a Charles & Keith handbag {it desperately needs a friend}, a Casio watch given by the Father in 2008 & my favourite Vincci shoes

Lupa & tak sempat nak amik gambar pelamin but this will do. Love the white bed & dressing table

Yours truly & Anis Amni, the BIL's cousin

The perks of being the youngest in Nik clan. Kesian Mayya asyik kena gomoi. Hihi!

Mayya: What's going on, mann?
Check out her pipi & Hello Kitty leggings!

Mayya didn't care a bit. Hisap jari lagi sedap katanya

As CNY is drawing nearer, it means more kenduri updates to come! I need to start planning for my outfit as some of the kenduris require us to don in certain colours & supaya tidak gelabah di kemudian hari, seperti hari ini

How I love witnessing the reunion of halal love between 2 souls. May Allah bless their marriage & semoga bercinta hingga ke syurga. Amin & InsyaAllah :)

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