Monday, 4 February 2013

Untuk Adik-adik Yang Minat Belajar Law

Assalamualaikum & hello loves!

Result SPM/STPM dah nak keluar ke? Mek ketinggalan betul bab-bab seperti ini memandangkan our households tak ada ahli yang di bangku sekolah. The youngest is me. Ahemm!

I do realize that this blog has been visited frequently by adik-adik who are seeking for some information about reading law, specifically in UiTM. If you have anything to ask, jangan malu jangan segan to ask me anything at It will be such a great honour for me to help you

Tapi my opinion might be biased la a bit. Kata lagi produk dari UiTM Law School kan? Maka haruslah nama fakultiku itu akan ku up kan. Tiba-tiba terasa diriku ini sungguh tua kerana sudah bergelar alumni :((

Honestly, saya rasa ramai di kalangan kita fikir law itu bidang yang senang as it doesn't involve science & math. Ramai kata, since law ini adalah sains sosial, senang je la setakat hafal-hafal tu kan? Kalau terrer English lagi la, it's like an added bonus. 4 tahun reading law tu kacang je la. Dean List anytime je, babe. Boleh melawa & glamer donning in black & white. Boleh speaking English all the time walaupun pronunciation, vocabulary etc tak betul mana. Untung badan, tengok-tengok boleh jadi another Yuna & Fahrin Ahmad. Lols!

Kids, if you think that way, then you're totally wrong

If you think reading law could save you & make your brain at ease from learning those perplexing math formulas & science facts, then you better think again. Kalaulah law itu senang bak kunyah kacang kuda, maka ramailah yang grad dengan First Class Degree di serata dunia. I know, every uni has its own marking standard but the point is, it's not as easy as you think. And kalau belajar law kat UiTM, ada subjek Solicitor's Account & Conveyancing which means 'Hallo Calculator! It's been a while!'

 My table in normal days during LL.B Part 2

And this was taken during one of the busy weekends where we had to come & finish our works. See my Senior Partner, Yana berkerut-kerut dahi. Hehe!

I know some people who are very good in English, lived abroad for a few years tapi tak perform juga dalam exam. I know some people who come from average family {like moi} but managed to have outstanding results. Maknanya, tanya pada hati "Do I really want to do this?" & please jangan ikut kawan just because he/she applies juga, maka saya pun bolehhh!

I believe every course has its own level of difficulty, so does reading law. It has its own art of making the law students suffer to the core. It gives you the ability to digest the whole semester syllabuses & pages of complicated cases in a few days or hours before the test/exam. It makes you understand why lawyers/law students are the ones who tend to break the rules. It often gives you minor heart attack thinking about the high mountain workloads, datelines & tests, all coming towards you in one shot. Nightmares about exam/test, happened to me countless of time!

When you're in LL.B programme in UiTM {I don't know about other unis), this kind of workload is utterly normal & it happened almost every week. I purposely printscreen-ed this which was posted by my Office Manager (or class leader) at our class' Fb page & set it as my laptop wallpaper, so that I know that I really didn't have time to goyang kaki the whole week

 My Advanced Civil Procedure II paper which I sat in June 2012. It was almost impossible to answer all the questions within 3 hour, hence caca merba. And kalau ada anyone yang spot wrong answer written, paham-paham je la *coughs*

Now, thinking about the keluh kesah I had at Law School makes me want to laugh & I bet, my other friends & other law graduates would probably think the same. Definitely, reading & practicing law are two different things. Ahhh, I miss those stressful days of not having enough sleep, staying up at the class/office till 2-3 a.m & waking up in the morning looking like a zombie

 My class/office at Level 5
I was so lucky that my classmates are a bunch of fun people. I miss them :')

 Mock Trial for Civil Trial & Advocacy (CTA); one of the most stressful subjects during LL.B
Kerja tak pernah habis & banyak pulak tu. Gering

My firmmates looking so serious before the CTA class. Hehe!

Of course reading law means you need to read a lot of books, articles & cases, memorize a lot of facts & cases, able to think critically & fast, able to write as fast as you can within 3 hours of test/exam with a lot of cases & authorities to support you argument & able to handle stress too. Tak bagus English boleh belajar {at least Band 4 MUET}, tapi yang penting minat, usaha & of course some natural talent in debating & gusto of wanting to win. Self-confidence harus lah ada juga

My official LL.B (Hons) convocation picture, 28 November 2012
Bila ntah nak sambung entry pasal convocation. Basi sudahh

I had fun reading law & those 3 sems of Pre Degree Law + 3 years of Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) + 1 year of LL.B (Hons) are one of the most memorable chapters of my life. I can't imagine being in other profession walaupun selepas SPM dahulu ada apply & attend interview MARA Scholarship for TESL. Imagine if I succeeded the interview, went to study abroad & jadi English teacher. Apalah nasib anak-anak didikku dapat teacher macam ni? -.-' Surely, Allah knows best

So, adik-adik, ask yourself whether you really like/want/determine to read law & have what it takes. Kalau tak sure jugak, jangan lupa guna talian hayat dengan Allah i.e Solat Istikarah. And if dah sure, all the best to you! May you ace along the way to become a lawyer. Amin & InsyaAllah. Jika saya & kawan-kawan yang lain boleh, anda juga boleh! Jangan lupa mohon keberkatan dari Parents di samping usaha & doa

Anyway, you can refer to my entries on;

Disclaimer; This entry was written solely based on my experience & own point of view. Should mine differ from yours, apologies on my behalf & kindly be noted  that there's no law stated that one's opinion is wrong merely because it's different from yours. Much obliged :)


faza said...

like this entry!!!!

ainfrhn said...

Aaaaaa thank you so much umm shall I call you Kak Su? Hehe. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAK SU FOR THIS ENTRY. Definitely will send you an email nanti. Btw saya silent reader blog ni since last year, before SPM hihi :)

faza said...

tapi su, ape yg su citer, jauh beza dengan saiful time dia blaja.. tengok dia relax sokmo.... 2 minggu sekali wajib balik kelate... hehe

soleil m said...


UIA punya LL.B sistem lain sikit kan? masa final sem tu dorg kelas mcm biasa kan, unlike ktrg yg kena punch card before 8:30 am ikut mcm office hours, pakai formal black & white everyday etc

plus, saiful kan cool sokmo? :P biasalah, hero tok ggaduh. hehe!

soleil m said...


hi ain! tqvm for reading my blog, makes my day. hihi! kamon kamon, jgn malu jgn segan to send e-mail. i love receiving e-mail from the readers (mcm la byk sgt :P)

mNa said...

sy pon nak jadi lawyer la mama shuu..hahaha

soleil m said...


nanti hadiah 1st birthday baby, mama sue bagi hadiah wig putih macam judge mat saleh. bolehhh? :))

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Anonymous said...

i skang read law at uitm, cgpa 2.++ jew, belajar law nie mmg susah, stakat terer english doesn't guarantee dean list etc2. mmg kena pulun nota2 law, past year, n paling teruk some of the lecturers will not spoonfeed you, means that korang kena buat nota sendiri n kena dengar betul2 apa yg dorang ajar kat kelas. (actually i suke lecs mcm nie, dia nak pelajar usaha n baca buku2 tebal tu, bkn dok harap ilmu disumbat).. hehe so yg dpt offer dari uitm plzz jgn expect dean list, pointer 3.++ if x rajin baca n yg speaking mcm air yg lancar tu jgn confident sgt k. n lagi satu, otak kena kuat hafal juga, tapi dalam menghafal tu mesti faham, sbb kdg2 soalan exam tu bukan direct to the point, ada twist2 sikit hehe..peace yooo

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