Sunday, 23 June 2013

Oh Sayang, Apa Kaba Mung Di Sana?

1. A whassap chat with my Sister. So, my future anak saudara is a boy! Alhamdulillah & whoopedoO! For now, he's 'Baby U' & I'm 'Mama Sue'  
2. 19 & 20/06/2013 - The RM 1 million defamation case trial at K.Bharu High Court where my Master is the defence lawyer while yours truly is the loyal PA atau dalam nama lain, pencatat setiap butir percakapan saksi-saksi. I know I know, it doesn't sound hip at all *flips pen*
3. The picture of 'Bah Merah' in Kelantan, taken on 10/12/1967
4. 21/06/2013 - Fruit galore at Pasar Tani, Terminal Makanan Negara (TEMAN), K. Bharu. Manggis kecik RM3/Kg, nak pengsan please sebab sedap sangat T_T
5. Tommy isn't feeling well these past few days. Pity him, baru je sihat from his injury 
6. Abah with Nada Amelia Nazri, the 7 month-old maternal anak sepupu from Machang. Shoooo cute! Now dah friendly!

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