Thursday, 4 July 2013

On Being Called To The Bar, Makan-makan Free & Bercanda Di PCB

Assalamualaikum & hallo! 

Went to the Court on Thursday last week to celebrate our chambering friends, Syam, Nik Aida & Suzy on being called to the Malaysian Bar slash Long Call ceremony. Woots!

Among many things that we love most about this ceremony, beside celebrating our friends being the lawyers officially (yayyyy to them!) are the free yummy yum yum food served at the court foyer & also the chance to lepak-lepak with the other chambering mates seperti di dalam gambar di bawah. Hehe!

Food hari itu adalah nasi minyak, satey, cakes & a lot of kuih muih. Ohoiii, kenyang perut suka hati. Alhamdulillah. I had about 2 slices (or probably more) of Secret Recipe Butterscotch cakes & I kept telling myself later that it's ok to eat that much sebab bukan selalu kan dapat makan kek sedap secara free & pukal T_T

With them who have made my chambering journey a less stressful one. Hehe!
Oh, kami adalah dari UIAM, UiTM & UKM. The rest hilang entah ke mana

It was also my last day as a pupil in chamber. So, alang-alang celebrate, kita celebrate sampai lebam. Kehkehkeh! So, I followed some of the chambering mates to PCB after the office hours. Langkah kiri probably sebab after about 15 minutes sampai, it rained! Tsk!

 The girls of Messrs Hasif, Nor Hayati & Co. 

From L to R; Ira (the other boss, Encik H's pupil in chamber who was also my junior at UiTM. Merangkap gossip mate & Setia Agong FFC. Lols!), Alia (the intern from UIAM. Before this stalked her blog sahaja. Tak sangka now satu office. Hi Alia! :P) & yours truly yang semangat pergi beach & panjat batu-batu in heels *slaps forehead*

Oh, we also have another intern, Aishah who is from UUM & a new staff, Kak Ila who previously worked in a legal firm in KL. Meriah office sekarang. Daku tidak kesunyian lagi kerana sudah ada kawan-kawan baru untuk bergelak ketawa, bergossip & makan-makan

 Olohhhh, sukonyo mek boleh gi pata :P

Obviously, I was the most senior one in this group sebab semua orang (except Alia) were my juniors at UiTM. Terus rasa tua tak semena-mena T_T

Pretty sunset after the rain. SubhanAllah

Gambar solo iols pun haruslah ada

Shauki & Muiz. This is so .... -.-'

There will be another Long Call ceremony today & my classmates of Group D, LL.B, Aliaa & Juwe are among the celebrated ones. Congratulations & yayyyy to both of them! So, kejap lagi nak pergi menyibuk & makan-makan as usual. Bye!

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