Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Getting Married: The Checklist 3.0

Assalamualaikum & hi!

10 days before the Wedding, InsyaAllah. These past weeks have been very tiring but Alhamdulillah that we managed to tick off a few things off from the list
  • 28/01/2015 (Wednesday) - The wedding planner, Nurza Wedding House came to our house for the site visit. We took Package B which includes the dais, the bridal room & the high table, so bab deko-deko can tarik nafas lega already
  • 01/02/2015 (Sunday) - A.H's family came for the final discussion for the Wedding. Of course the bridegroom-to-be couldn't join it as he's currently too busy assisting ibu-ibu hamil delivering babies at HKL. Huhu! 
  • 04/02/2015 (Wednesday) - Finalized on the wedding cake's design from Han2cake & Bakery, inspired by the gateauxlicious cakes. Hopefully it will turn out great, InsyaAllah 
  • 07/02/2015 (Saturday) - Found the shawls for A.H's Majlis Bertandang. Thanks a lot to my friend, Diha for her accompany, maklumlah mek sungguh tidak arif dalam arena pemakaian shawl
  • 08/02/2015 (Sunday) - Booked the wedding buntings at Kad Kahwin On9. Pening kepala to choose the design. Of course la tak ada gambar lentok-lentok mesra suwitt begitteww
  • 09/02/2015 (Monday) - Abah submitted the forms at Majlis Agama Islam. One of the advantages of having a father who is a former Tuan Imam & Kadhi is he knows all the process & procedure at the tips of his fingertips & of course special treatment at the Pejabat Agama. InsyaAllah, akan dinikahkan sendiri oleh beliau sendiri. All this while tengok Abah yang nikahkan orang lain, soon it will be my turn. Adakah akan menjadi extra emotional nanti? Sobs!

Meanwhile, the unticked things on the list:-
  • Spa & Facial - Been advised & persuaded by many people to go for it, at least once but I really don't have time for this, tolonglaaaaa! T_T My solution, I bought a jar of Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub from the Body Shop dengan harapan memperolehi kulit licin selembut sutera sama dengan pergi spa 
  • Doorgifts - 200+ pieces to go! Yes yes, I can do it (alone). The Mother was so kind to help but after so much things going on, I decided that I'll finish doing the remaining. 850 pieces allocated but rasa macam tak cukup
  • Guestbook - Halfway done 
  • Hantaran trays - Almost there. The Sister deserves 70% of the credit, 10% for the Mother & another 10% is mek's
  • Invitation cards - We printed 500 cards sebab awal-awal dulu kunun-kununnya tak nak invite ramai but it turns out that, kad tak cukup. Lols! Should have printed 600+. A lesson learnt untuk kenduri anak pada masa hadapan
  • Enough rest, beautiful sleep & some time alone before the Big Day - In your dream, mek

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