Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Birthday Abah!

 Abah is 66 years old today! Yayyy! Happy birthday Abah!

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for all the nikmat umur, rezeki & countless blessings. At 66, Abah's health is quite good. He's still as strong as a young man ok? Can never duduk diam. After officially retiring in last October, Abah now has more time to himself beside going to the mosque. Dulu kalau school holiday or Ramadhan beliaulah yang paling busy ;)

To Abah,
Terimalah pantun 2 kerat ini;
I may not be the best anak bongsu,
but I love youuuuuu!

I pray may Allah will continue blessing you in things you do, diberikan kesihatan yang bagus, panjang umur untuk terus beribadah kepadaNya, murah rezeki & happy alwaysss! Amin & InsyaAllah. And Abah, sorrylah tahun ni macam tak mampu lagilah bagi hadiah birthday berupa menantu. Next year or next 2, 3 years can tak? -.-' This year kita bagi chance Kakak bagi cucu dulu ok? InsyaAllah

Now, let's wait for the BIL to come back from Sabah this Thursday & have a family dinner together! Please not ikan bakar or tomyam this time. I think Abah wants mutton. Read: Tarbush Restaurant. Or another trip to Keng Som because I think Ma misses its kerabu mangga. Hehe!

I wrote a few posts about Abah before. Click here, here & here to read. Tqvm!
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