Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Engagement : Virtual Invitation Cards

Assalamualaikum & hi!

For our recent Engagement, we (it was my idea actually. So, I deserve 3/4 of the credit :P) did have our own virtual invitation cards

The reasons being; terlebih rajin & I found that it was much more easier to have a proper card (albeit virtual & simple) to invite my friends via whatssap. The details such as time & venue are all there on the cards, so I didn't have to repeat them. Imagine inviting 30 friends & having to repeat the same thing 30 times all over again. Hehe!

I designed ours by googling some images + edited them by using Paint & Picasa (I've stopped using Adobe Photoshop a few years ago), asked A.H for his opinions & approval & finally, these 2 were the final result;

Of course I didn't omit A.H's full name in the real cards. Hehe!

As for our wedding invitation cards, we actually haven't had any particular design yet although people have been asking for it. Nervous pulak kita. A.H is so bersemangat to design it (he's good at drawing) but judging from how busy he's been lately, we will probably opt for ready-made

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